Food and wine

A travel through Apulia is a travel through your senses: our definite flavour, that the summer sun gives to the products of the land, will conquer you.

You should try the olive oil, the burrata, the stracciatella, the focaccia, the vegetable preserves in olive oil, fist of all the dried tomatoes one. Then, there is fruit, ferrovia cherries, baresana grapes, figs and prickly pears.

Do not forget the wine! There are excellent wine cellars, such as Rivera and Torrevento, just a few Kilometres from Posta Santa Croce.

There is a typical dessert in Bisceglie called “sospiro”: do not miss it!

We will be happy to give you any advice and suggest you the best shops, restaurants, pizzerias and pastry shops where you can find the true flavours of Apulia.